5 Modern Web Design Tools

Instead of making you work hard, the correct tools will help you work smarter. This will save you time and help you work on problem-solving. When it comes to issues of web designing, the following tools never fail.


When it comes to UI design, this is the top tool. Designers have shifted their focus from Photoshop to this tool. It helps you sort your documents, and also makes revisions easy. The size of its files is smaller than Photoshop. Interface design is easier with Sketch, due to its grid system. To streamline the workflow for designers, it has many plugins.

Adobe XD

Its light interface allows you to prototype with ease. Adobe XD includes tools for drawing. It also uses Photoshop and Illustrator. Thus, it allows you to import assets from both of them. Creation of page transitions is also easier with Adobe.


This is the best tool to use to design and prototype. Figma also allows you to collect feedback from other designers in real time. The only difference with Sketch is it is cross-platform. For desktops and mobile phones, this is the appropriate tool for creating designs.

Affinity Designer

This tool has caused a shift from Creative Suite. Its design allows you to adjust images without causing any damage. Adjustable, one million percent zoom, history and undo, are all great features. While eliminating distractions, Affinity has kept the Sketch and Photoshop layouts familiar.


To be able to code apps from Photoshop or Sketch design, you will have to consider using Avocode. Exporting assets using Avocode requires only one click. For coding needs, it helps you preview the design and reach all layers.

To get the best design tool, one has to do thorough research. You can also enjoy referrals from friends and family. Choose a tool according to your design tools.

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