7 Online Platforms Offering Web Design Courses

The process of creating and maintaining websites requires various skills. Web design consists of all these skills. Its applications include graphic design, authoring, and interface design. The following online platforms offer web designing courses.


This platform offers more than 20000 courses. It has more than 7000 instructors and 3 million learners. Each subscriber receives an eBook. Its role is to explain the course creation and preparation of video and slide content.


Udemy is the most popular online platform. You pay completely nothing to use it. Instructors have to pay 50 percent for every student they receive. With more than 11 million students and 20000 teachers, Udemy continues to expand day by day.


This is an online platform for instructors. Anyone interested in teaching can create online classes on Skillshare. Skillshare offers both credited and unaccredited courses. Its primary goal is interaction rather than learning. Design, entrepreneurship, and lifestyle are a few of the offered courses.


With LearnWorlds, instructors are able to create and market their online courses. The websites user-friendliness is an added advantage. It is also very interactive and ensures ease of use. This platform creates a social network for students. Its features include an analytics dashboard and eBook maker.


Thinkific is home to more than 35000 instructors. It helps you grow your brand, your audience and market your online courses. With this platform, customization of the design is possible.


This one’s uniqueness lies in its ability to offer courses based on mobile apps. Its focus is on security and scaling.


Its subscribers include universities, tutors, individuals, and businesses. It offers two modules that you can choose from; online academy and virtual classroom. Anyone can use WizIQ due to its ease of use.

With each ones growing desire in web design knowledge, these platforms are what to look for. You can take your lessons anywhere. This saves time and gives you the desired comfort.

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